Scott Schachter and Adam Schweitzer have been promoted to jointly head ICM’s motion picture talent department in the wake of Toni Howard’s previously announced decision to step down.

Howard led the department since 2007 and has extended her deal as executive vice-president. She will focus on representing her stable of clients.

Schachter is based at ICM’s Los Angeles headquarters, while Schweitzer serves in the agency’s New York office.

“Adam and Scott are innovative agents who embrace ICM’s team culture and are perfectly suited to lead our motion picture department,” ICM president Chris Silbermann said.  “The agency is committed to the expansion of both our Los Angeles and New York offices, and having key leadership in both locations is an important component of this initiative.

“Toni Howard has been integral to building ICM’s motion picture talent department during these past few years. She has served as a mentor to many of our agents, including Adam and Scott, and we are fortunate to have her continued support as we move forward in a new era.”

“What started as a one-year commitment to lead the talent department became a multi-year journey,” Howard said. “I’ve worked closely with Adam and Scott since they joined ICM, and I am confident that they will continue the growth of our motion picture talent department.”

Both Schachter and Schweitzer began their agency careers at ICM. Schweitzer was named agent in 2005 while Schachter was promoted to agent in 1999. Howard joined ICM in 1991.