Vancouver and LA-based Infinity Features and Mel Gibson and BruceDavey's Icon Productions have signed a non-exclusive three-picture developmentand production deal.

First up is the sci-fi thriller Push based on David Bourla's screenplay aboutAmerican ex-pats with telekinetic and clairvoyant abilities on the run from theUS government in Beijing.

Push iscurrently in a packaging and development stage and is tentatively scheduled toshoot in China in 2007.

Infinity is actively searching for two more viable projects underthe guidance of development executive Dorian Issock and Infinity's Vancouver office.

The deal consolidates an ongoing relationship between the two companiesthat began on the feature Butterfly on a Wheel, which Infinity and Icon produced withIrish Dreamtime.

Currently shooting in Vancouver and Chicago, the psychological thrillerstars Pierce Brosnan, Maria Bello and Gerard Butler and is being directed byMike Barker from an original screenplay by William Morrissey.

"This deal represents a significant step for Infinity,"owner William Vince said. "We are thrilled to be in business with acompany of Icon's stature, which has a reputation around the world fordeveloping and producing outstanding motion pictures."

"We have enjoyed a good working relationship with Bill andInfinity on Butterfly on a Wheel, and this three-picture deal seemed a natural progression for allof us involved," Davey added. "We are looking forward to more of thesame, and continuing to find good material to develop and producetogether."

This deal was negotiated by Andrew Hurwitz and Kyle Mann on behalfof Infinity, and David Miercort and Vicki Christianson on behalf of Icon.

Infinity most recently produced Capote, which earned a best actor win forPhilip Seymour Hoffman, as well as the comedy Just Friends.

Icon is in production on Gibson's Apocalypto and its credits include The PassionOf The Christ, We Were Soldiers, Braveheart, and What Women Want.