IFC Films and Focus Features have jointly acquired US rights fromTrust Film Sales to Susanne Bier's Danish language drama Brothers, the Toronto hit that earned top actinghonours for Connie Nielsen and Ulrich Thomsen at San Sebastien.

The collaboration marks the first time the distributors haveteamed up. IFC will take the lead in the theatrical launch and subsequenttelevision sales, with Focus taking home entertainment rights for releasethrough Universal Studios Home Video.

Anders Thomas Jensen wrote the screenplay based on a story heco-wrote with Bier about a man who is forced to look after his sister-in-lawwhen his brother accompanies a UN mission to Afghanistan. Nikolaj Lie Kaas alsostars.

The Zentropa Entertainments14 project was produced by Sisse GraumJorgensen and Peter Aalbaek Jensen, with Peter Garde serving as executiveproducer.

Focus is currently developing the comedy-drama Chasing Montana with Bier. Newmarket Films handled her last film Open Hearts in the US.

"Focus Features is a vital force in the independent market and IFChas always held the highest regard for both their business and artisticsensibilities," IFC's Jonathan Sehring said in a statement.

"The reality of the marketplace is that foreign-language filmsface challenges. Focus and IFC share a passion for these films, and are joiningforces on Brothers tobring this film to the widest audience possible. With our combined strengths,we can more likely ensure financial success."

Focus co-chiefs David Linde and James Schamus echoed Sehring'swords, adding that the deal would "lower the risk and up the gross potential."

In a joint statement theyadded: "By working together on behalf of this movie, we're all affirming oursupport of independent and foreign-language fare and cultivating and expandingthe audience for it."