In the run up to the AFM ithas become clear that the controversy surrounding veteran French filmmakerJean-Claude Brisseau hasn't hurt his appeal in the marketplace. Brisseau'slatest feature The Exterminating Angels, which deals in dramatized form with incidents that later landed thedirector in court, has now been sold to IFC Films in North America.

The film is about an ageingfilmmaker preparing a new movie. During casting, this director asks his would-beactresses to audition for sexually explicit scenes.

Last year, Brisseau wascharged with sexually harassing two actresses who auditioned for his earlierfeature, Secret Things.

The Exterminating Angels was shot before the court case that landed him witha fine and a suspended prison sentence. It premiered in the Directors Fortnightin Cannes and has now been sold by Paris-based Rezo Films all over the world.The UK and Eastern Europe are in talks to buy the film. Other deals includeItaly (Instituto Luce), Japan (Artport), Hong Kong (Golden Harvest), Israel(Shapira), Brazil (Focus Filmes), Portugal (Atalanta), Korea (Lime Tree),Greece (Odeon), and Belgium (Victory Prod).

Rezo is also doing briskbusiness on its Finnish martial arts title, Jade Warrior. Splendid has now picked up German-speaking rights.This follows from deals in Japan (Artport), Korea (Cinema Valley), CIS(Ruscico), Greece (Odeon), Thailand (IPA/United), Scandinavia (SandrewMetronome), Brazil (California Films), Benelux (A Film) Eastern Europe (SkyMedia)and Former Yugoslavia (Tuck).

Jade Warrior will be released in China by Warner China Film inDecember.