Scott Teems' I Hate To See That Evening Sun Go Down and Sean Patrick McCarthy's Pansy tied for the IFP Market EmergingNarrative Screenplay Award as the IFP Market and Independent Film Week ended inNew York today.

In other prizes, the Fledgling Fund Award for Emerging Latino Filmmakerswent to Vivien Lesnick Weisman's The Man Of Two Havanas.

The Fledgling Fund Award for Socially Conscious Documentaries was awardedto Yoruba Richen for Promised Land, while Julie Checkoway took the IFP Market Documentary CompletionAward for Waiting For Hockney.

Nine projects were selected for the IFP Rough Cut Lab, anintensive mentoring workshop that ran from Sept 14-16 to identify quality projects.

The nine projects and their directors were: 2K3 (Gray Miller); 7 Things I Never ToldYou (Ed Durante, RodGailes, Caran Hartsfield, Stacey Holman, Cinque Northern, James Richards, TanyaSteele); The Assassin(Devin E Haqq); The Book Of Caleb (Matt Manahan); Homeland (Christopher Young); The Little Things (Stephen Padilla); Missed It (Brian Southers); Mona (Alan Kirschen); and Stanley Cuba (Per Anderson).