Not to beoutdone by this week's decision by IFP/Los Angeles to rename itself FilmIndependent [FIND], IFP/New York announced yesterday [4] that it wasimmediately returning to its original name of IFP (Independent FeatureProject).

IFP board chairman Ira Deutchman also announced that twonew IFP chapters will launch in Santa Fe and Austin, headed up by Lyra Baron inSanta Fe, and Bret Branon and Krista Keosheyan in Austin.

Deutchmanstressed that all five existing chapters [New York, Los Angeles, Chicago,Seattle, and Minneapolis] will continue to be affiliated with the IFP umbrellaorganisation and work together on certain projects.

In a furtherdevelopment, the 18-year old IFP Minneapolis/St Paul chapter will open itsstate-of-the-art Center for Media Arts on May 7.

The centre willhouse the chapter's offices as well as editing suites, expanded darkrooms andclassroom facilities, film and photography equipment for members and newmeeting spaces for outreach programs and community groups.