Embracingsweeping changes in the international marketplace, the Independent Film &Television Alliance (IFTA) has modified all its standard licensing agreementsand included a stand-alone internet rider.

Therevision will run as a matter of course on all of IFTA's Model InternationalLicensing Agreements and will offer buyers the chance to address internetrights distribution and revenue models.

IFTApresident Jean Prewitt said mobile technology provisions would be addressed ata later date. Prewitt added that IFTA has also broadened its list ofinternational arbiters and drawn up multi-language guidelines to accommodatethe increasingly diverse marketplace.

IFTAexecutive managing director and AFM managing director Jonathan Wolf added thatthis year's event boasts a slew of records, with 419 companies from 33countries exhibiting compared to 356 from last year.

A record 534 filmsencompassing 35 languages are screening at the market compared to 459 in 2004.Attendance levels are also expected to soar to new heights, and organizers haveadded an extra exhibition floor at Le Merigot hotel next to the Loews, andinstalled five digital screens at The Fairmont.