The Swedish film IllusiveTracks (Skenbart) by Peter Dalle proved a big hit with both the jury andaudience at this year's Nordic Film Days in Luebeck.

The jury gave the Euros 12,500 NDR Promotion Prize toDalle's "frivolous black comedy" for an "excellent screenplay[which] forms the basis for an exceptionally good cast and outstandingdirecting", while the festival audience selected the film as the bestfeature from the festival's main programme for the Luebecker Nachrichten'sAudience Prize.

Other prizes given at the Film Days, which were opened witha screening of Mika Kaurismaki's road movie HoneyBaby, included the Baltic Film Prize for a Nordic feature film to Danishactress-director Paprika Steen's Aftermath(Lad De Sma Born); the Nordic Film Institutes' Children's Film Prize toNorwegian writer Torun Lian's feature debut TheColour Of Milk (Ikke Naken); the Church Film Prize to Aksel Hennie's Uno (Norway); and the Luebeck TradesUnion Documentary Award to Hannah Metten and Jan Gabbert's Red Wine Skirt And Lambskin Coat - A Documentary About A Laundry(Rotweinrock Und Lammfellmantel).