IMAX Corporation has signed a deal with Suvar-Kazan Company, the leading exhibitor in Kazan, Russia, to install an IMAX MPX theatre system in a new multiplex in the city.

The site is expected to open in November 2005 in Kazan, which is situated roughly 500 miles southeast of Moscow, as part of a four-screen multiplex in a large entertainment centre that will also include an aqua park and restaurants.

"The NESCAFE IMAX Theatre in Moscow has posted great results showing blockbuster Hollywood movies in IMAX's format, and we believe this has paved the way for other commercial Russian exhibitors to join our theatre network," Larry T O'Reilly, IMAX's executive vice president of theatre development, said in a statement.

"Russian moviegoers as well as those around the world have shown they arewilling to pay a premium price to experience digitally re-mastered Hollywood films in IMAX's powerful format, and the cost effective IMAX MPX theatre system enables us to capitalise on this developing trend," Suvar's Irina Knyazeva added.

Suvar is the third Russian exhibitor to sign an IMAX MPX deal this year. Previously announced deals willsee Panorama Cinemas open an IMAX theatre in the city of Perm in late 2005, while Kronverk Cinemas, the largest exhibitor in St Petersburg, will open an IMAX theatre in a planned flagship multiplex in the heart of that city.