The politically incorrect Australian comedy Fat Pizza grossed $702,000 from 101 screens over its opening weekend, putting it in second place in the national chart and giving it the best screen average of the top 20.

A highly impressive result for distributor Roadshow, Fat Pizza is the micro-budget big screen version of the TV comedy series Pizza, which is made in-house by SBS Television, Australia's Government-funded multicultural multilingual broadcaster.

Made on a shoestring, Fat Pizza was written, filmed and edited in 10 months. The film is directed and written by Paul Fenech, who is also one of the three producers and stars in the film.

The press kit describes Fat Pizza as a filmic interpretation of pizza: "It was made and delivered very quickly, it is big and cheesy in content and, just like a pizza, you'll enjoy it while you're eating it but later you'll feel guilt that you enjoyed it".

The film has not yet secured a sales agent but the continuous stream of scatological jokes and guest appearances could be too parochial for international audiences.