UK smash hit indie film released by 4DVD becomes fastest-selling comedy of year on DVD.

On its first day of home entertainment release, The Inbetweeners Movie has sold 575,104 DVD and Triple Play units. The record-breaking haul marks the fastest-selling comedy film of the year, and the second-fastest-selling film of the year behind Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows.

This week, the second and third films on the home entertainment chart were Rise of the Planet of Apes (132,167 units) and Super 8 (under 50,000).

At the box office, the film crossed £45m for Entertainment Film Distributors. 4DVD handles the DVD release, and has also handled releases of the TV show DVDS — for instance series 3 of The Inbetweeners sold 587,000 in 2010.

Head of 4DVD David Root said: “We are really blown away by this result. Back when the idea of this movie was conceived, we all hoped it would be a success but no one could have imagined success on this level. It’s a true British success story, from the imagination of a pair of incredibly talented writers in Iain Morris and Damon Beesley and brought to life through some first-rate performances from all the actors but especially the four male leads. We were aware of the need to offer the fans something new with this release and ensured there was a host of additional material on the DVD and Triple Play release, from behind-the-scenes interviews on set to hilarious outtakes and deleted scenes – making sure this release is a fitting tribute to the excitement and energy of the film!”


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