Buena VistaInternational's (BVI) The Incredibles passed $100m at the weekend with an estimated $36.3m grossthat raised the international cumulative total to $104.6m.

The highlight was the second biggest animated debut everin Japan behind Finding Nemo on $7.3m on689 screens that ranked second behind Howl's Moving Castle.

The pictureopened top in Argentina on $617,000 on 157 screens for BVI's biggest animatedlaunch of all time.

Number one holds yielded $8.1m for $29.9m in the UK, $6.5mfor $17m in France, $4.4m for $11.7m in Italy, $3.7m for $10.1m in Spain for anunconfirmed rank, and $764,000 for $2.1m in Belgium.

NationalTreasure opened insecond place in Spain on $3m on 355 screens. Overall the picture added $8m foran early $18.1m international cumulative total.