Buena VistaInternational (BVI) recorded its biggest ever single weekend haul as Pixar hit TheIncredibles grossed $44.3min its first major weekend.

Living up to itsname, The Incrediblesopened top everywhere, taking an astonishing $18.1m on 494 screens in the UK,$9.2m on 960 in France, $5.6m on 421 in Spain, and $5.4m on 755 in Italy, wherethe picture scored the industry's biggest ever animated opening.

TheIncredibles took anexcellent $1.3m on 121 in Belgium for the second biggest ever industry openingfor an animated title, $362,000 on 75 in Greece for the industry's biggest everanimated launch, and $352,000 on 32 in Israel for BVI's biggest ever opening.

NationalTreasure took $7.7m atthe weekend. It opened top in Germany on $4.3m on 768 for Nicolas Cage'sbiggest ever debut in the market, top in Australia on $1.5m on 277, and top inAustria with $465,000 on 73 for another all-time mark for Cage.

Results in thePhilippines were remarkable. The picture took $525,000 on 54 for Cage's biggestdebut and the biggest ever opening of a Walt Disney live-action picture.

National Treasuregrossed $423,000 on 58 in Switzerland for Cage's biggest launch there, whileSouth Africa produced $286,000 on 100, roughly equal to the opening of PiratesOf The Caribbean.

Overall these two BVI titlesranked number one in 20 markets, which according to executives accounted for60% of the international weekend market.