The Incredibles and National Treasure each took an estimated$10m for Buena Vista International (BVI) at the weekend, raising theirrespective international running totals to $335.5m and $120m.

National Treasure scored a pair of number one debuts in Holland andGreece with respective $1.4m and $655,000 launches.

After one month theadventure has amassed $12.6m in the UK, where it has overtaken King Arthur,while Mexico stands on $5.7m after three weekends.

There were no major launchesfor The Incredibles, Pixar's latest hit that is bearing down rapidly on$600m at the global box office. It has reached $590m to date and is already the23rd biggest international industry release of all time and ranks 25thin the all-time global pantheon.

The Incredibles opened top in Turkey on $800,000, roughly twice theamount taken by Finding Nemo in January 2003. Japan added $1.4m for$46.6m after its sixth weekend, Australia added $1.4m for $17.3m after itsthird, and the UK raised its total by $1.1m for $58.9m in its third month.

Hayao Miyazaki's Howl'sMoving Castle, for which the Disney Company has rights in France, Asia andNorth America, opened top in France on $2m.

The first internationalrelease outside of Japan marked a high for the director and was almost twicethat of the 2002 opening of Spirited Away.

The Aviator, which BVI has in three markets, added $1.8m in itssecond weekend in the UK for a $5.8m running total there.