Indiana Jones ruled the roost over the weekend thanks in large part to a spectacular $13.1m number launch in Japan that left Paramount/PPI within touching distance of $400m.

It was close at the top. Marvel Studios' The Incredible Hulk, released almost everywhere through Universal/UPI, bashed its way through 12 new territories and took $23.4m for $65.8m, while New Line International's Sex And The City added $21.4m for $169.7m.

Fox International's The Happening looks like it has happened, and in its second weekend of wide release added $14.2m from roughly 5,500 screens in 64 markets for $57m.

Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull has been a smash from the second it launched and showed little sign of letting up at the weekend as an estimated $25m from 5,877 sites in 62 territories raised the cumulative tally to $392m.

The Japanese result hailed from 325 venues and excluding previews ranked 36% greater than the launch of Mission: Impossible III and 29% ahead of Transformers. Indy held firm in second place in the UK on $2.8m from 469 and has reached $74.6m.

Kung Fu Panda grossed an estimated $19m from 2,860 venues in 18 territories for $66.5m. The picture launched in China on $4m and opened at number one in Mexico on $5.9m from 427 in the fourth biggest animated debut and a top 15 industry ranking. Iron Man has reached $210.6m through PPI, rising to $250.8m through all distributors.

The Incredible Hulk was active in 4,700 venues in 50 territories. $57m of the $65.8m overall tally comes from Universal territories, while $6.3m comes from Australia and New Zealand through PPI and a further $2.5m comes from Spain through Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI).

The green ogre opened top in Italy on $2.7m from 300 dates and ranked number one in Spain through SPRI on 558 prints. The results were impressive, given that the two countries played each other on Sunday night in the quarter-finals of the European Championships.

The Incredible Hulk took $398,000 from 70 in The Netherlands (Holland played their quarter-final on Saturday night) and scored Universal's biggest opening day and the industry's third biggest in the UAE.

The picture took $3.9m from 485 in the UK for $12.6m after 10 days, and ranks second in Mexico after the same amount of time thanks to a $1.9m three-day haul from 429 that raised the tally to $8.2m. It grossed $1.2m from 283 in Brazil for $3.5m after 10 days. There are 11 territories to go in the next six weeks including Germany, France and Japan.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall launched in France in eighth place on $355,000 from 125 and overall grossed $1.8m from 750 in 19 territories for $29.1m. Nim's Island added $850,000 from 506 in the first four of Universal's 16 territories (Germany, the UK, Australia and Austria) for $14.6m. The next new market will be Mexico on July 17.

The Happening's highlights include a $7.8m running total in France, $6.4m in the UK, $5.7m in Spain, $5m in Mexico and $3.5m in Russia. The comedy What Happens In Vegas added $2.2m from approximately 2,000 screens in 34 markets for $121.1m.

SPRI's Adam Sandler comedy You Don't Mess With The Zohan added $7.8m from 1,110 screens in 11 markets for $13.1m. Sandler led the charge in Australia with a first place debut of $4.1m from 244 screens.

The picture opened in second place in Russia on $1.5m from 270 and opened top in Singapore on $600,000 from 27. All three results broke Sandler's previous best openings.

Made Of Honor raised its cumulative total by $3.5m from 1,920 screens in 38 markets to $43.8m. The highlight of the weekend was a $1m fourth place launch in France on 290 screens.

Sony's card counting drama 21 stands at $67.4m following a $2.7m weekend haul from 1,370 screens in 45 markets. The picture launched in Mexico in fourth or fifth on $530,000 from 201 and opened in South Korea on $450,000 from 52.

As previously mentioned, SPRI released The Incredible Hulk in Spain in first place on $2.5m from 558 screens. Sony's second and final market with this picture will be Japan.

Warner Bros Pictures International's spy spoof Get Smart opened day-and-date with North America in mostly smaller markets for $5.7m from 1,082 prints. The picture opened top in Brazil on $1.3m from 239 prints and top in Taiwan on $757,000 from 74.

The children's picture Speed Racer is closing in on $40m after grossing $1.4m from 1,192 prints in 39 territories for $39.8m. It opened in France on $573,000 from 269. The top market is Mexico on $6.1m followed by South Korea on $5.1m, Brazil on $4.3m and the UK on $3.2m.