Los Angeles-based IndicanPictures has acquired US rights to Ralph Torjan's documentary CarlosCastaneda: Engima Of A Sorcerer,which charts the life and legacy of one of the founders of New Age philosophy.

Through interviews withfollowers, friends and members of Castaneda's inner circle, the film traces theMexican's cult following and assesses his impact on global thinking. A UStheatrical release is expected later this year.

Randolph Kret and Dan Hillnegotiated on behalf of Indican and Sirius

Bandits principals Torjanand Pamela Weir-Quiton represented the film.

"It is with greatpleasure that we bring to light the philosophies of New Age guru CarlosCastaneda to the public through the eyes of his inner circle," Danny Hill,Indican's acquisitions chief, told Screendaily.com. "It's a psychedelic tripinto the dream world without drugs!"

Carlos Castaneda: EngimaOf A Sorcerer was produced by Torjanand Weir-Quiton and co-written by Torjan and Dana Marcoux.