New York-based online distributor IndiePix has signed a six-film production deal with Lucky Hat Entertainment in Los Angeles that covers two films set to premiere at Tribeca later this month – P-Star Rising and Entre Nos.

Lucky Hat will serve as executive producer on the titles and jointly develop and produce two further features a year through 2011.

IndiePix president Bob Alexander said the partnership would play “a pivotal role” in development and production at the company’s new IndiePix Studios production division.

“This co-production agreement with Lucky Hat underpins our commitment to continue developing this division as we look towards announcing our second release slate later this year,” Bob Alexander concluded.

Stephen Bannatyne and Marcia Carver founded Lucky Hat Entertainment in 2007 and the company has been involved with such titles as The Order Of Myths, Goodbye Solo, and Everything Strange And New, which premiered at Sundance in January.

Bannatyne hailed IndiePix as a vital aid to film-makers in a difficult time. “There are now far less funding options available for independent filmmakers – especially in the current climate – so IndiePix Studios is an extremely important offering and one that we are delighted to be partnered with.”