The Indonesian film and TV industry contributed $845.1m to the country’s economy in 2010 according to a study presented by the Motion Picture Association (MPA).

The study by Oxford Economics also said that the industry created more than 191,000 jobs generating $86.5m in tax revenues.

“This report also reveals how the film and television industry stimulates a range of service industries and significant employment in other sectors,” said Indonesian producer Mira Lesmana. “Our industry helped generate an indirect GDP contribution of $1.23bn in 2010 and supported a further 158,900 jobs The is a considerable contribution and one worth promoting.”

The report was presented on the sidelines of the MPA ICAD Film Workshop in Jakarta, co-hosted by the MPA and the Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design (ICAD) exhibition. The one-day workshop held sessions on script development, co-production, financing and international sales and marketing.

“It’s not often that we as a local industry find the opportunity to come together and discuss in such a constructive fashion the creative and business aspects of filmmaking,” said Indonesian producer Shanty Harmayn. 

Local and international guests at the workshop also included The Raid producer Maya Barack Evans, Malaysian producer Norman Halim, Singapore-based Golden Village CEO Kurt Rieder and Fortissimo Films CEO Michael Werner. 

The Indonesian film industry is regarded as having great potential due the country’s population of 245 million, but the country is sorely under-screened with only 675 cinemas, compared to Malaysia’s 639 screens for a population of 28 million.