Online marketplace for film and television content inDplay has struck a deal with data services company b-side to ensure that a broader range of festival films with commercial potential are seen by buyers.

The alliance combines inDplay's global network of distributors with b-side's analysis of festival audience feedback to offer buyers a lead on commercially viable material that lacks the prestige branding of bigger titles and gets lost in the mix.

Over the past two years b-side says it has built branded online communities for IFC TV and more than 70 international film festivals.

'We have built a database of market intelligence from over 2 million audience members for over 10,000 festival films,' b-side founder and chief executive officer Chris Hyams said.

'We know which films resonate most with festival audiences, and which ones are slipping through the cracks, but until now this information hasn't been available to distributors searching for quality titles.'

'The inDplay marketplace has already removed massive inefficiencies from the film distribution landscape,' inDplay chief executive officer Goetz Weber said.

'With the rich audience information that flows from b-side's festival communities, we will now be able to help guide inDplay distributors to the titles most suitable to them.'