Los Angeles-based Inferno Entertainment is partnering withAdelstein/Parouse on The Experiment, a remake of Oliver Hirschbiegel's German thriller DasExperiment.

Inferno is fully financing and will handle worldwide saleson the project, which is set to begin principal photography in spring 2007.

Paul Scheuring, who created Fox's primetime series Prison Break, wrote the screenplay and will directthe story of a psychological experiment involving actors in a prison that turnsviolent.

Marty Adelstein, Dawn Parouse, Inferno partner BillJohnson, Scheuring and Scott Nemes are producing. Inferno partner Jim Seibelwill serve as executive producer.

Amanda Blue brought the project to Inferno and will oversee forthe company. Adelstein/Parouse is the executive producer on Prison Break and is in post production on the horrortitle Black Christmasfor 2929 and Dimension.

Inferno is currently in post production on drama The GoodNight, which stars Gwyneth Paltrow,Penelope Cruz and Martin Freeman, and the crime drama The Air IBreathe which stars Kevin Bacon, AndyGarcia, Brendan Fraser and Sarah Michelle Gellar.