Lions Gate FilmsInternational has completed a raft of sales on Luis Mandoki's Salvadoran civilwar drama Innocent Voices, which received its European premiere in Berlin last weekend asthe opening night film of the Kinderfilmfest.

The picture sold to Metropolitan in France, Solo Film in Germany, Content Filmin the UK, New Select in Japan, Nordisk in Scandinavia, Village Roadshow inGreece, LNK in Portugal, and Montage in Korea.

It also went to CMC in Taiwan, Lucky Gems in Hong Kong, Icelandic Film Corporationin Iceland, PT Amero Mitra in Indonesia, Shaw Renters in Singapore, Best Filmin Poland, Hollywood Classics in the Czech Republic, AIPI in Bulgaria, Programsfor Media in Romania, and Blitz in Croatia/Slovenia.

Fox International acquired rights for Latin America from the producers AltaVista, and the picture has grossed more than $3.2m in Mexico and drawn morethan 1.1million admissions since opening there on Jan 28.

Innocent Voicescentres on the experiences of an 11-year-old boy who suddenly becomes man ofthe house when his father abandons the family. Carlos Padilla stars.