Robert Sutherland's script for The Inside Story won the prize for best original feature film at the Australian Writers Guild Awards (AWGIES) on July 15. Sutherland also produced and directed the low-budget privately-financed film.

The Inside Story was the sole winner at the awards as no prize was given in the adapted category. It was up against Eddie Fong and Clara Law's script for The Goddess Of 1967, which has not yet been released, and Nick Giannopoulos and Chris Anastassiades' comedy The Wog Boy, which has grossed A$11.5m locally.

Sutherland describes The Inside Story, which is currently in post-production, as "a contemporary twilight zone teen flick with supernatural elements and lots of surprises." The film was shot over eight weeks late last year and stars veteran actor Charles "Bud" Tingwell and an ensemble cast.

Sutherland unsuccessfully approached several sales agents and distributors for support over a one-year period before raising finance for the film privately. "No-one is interested in a producer that does not have feature credits and that is completely understandable," Sutherland said.