What are the highest-grossing films of 2011 in the worldwide market? And which titles have fared better internationally than in North America? Louise Tutt crunches the numbers

The top 21 films on the worldwide chart of 2011 (to December 18) all grossed more in the international market than they did in North America. They are all US films apart from UK indie The King’s Speech.

The biggest films to gross more domestically than in foreign markets were Paramount Pictures International’s Rango, Paranormal Activity 3 and True Grit, Universal Pictures International’s Bridesmaids and Cowboys & Aliens (co- distributed internationally with PPI) and Warner Bros’ Green Lantern.

Walt Disney’s The Help has grossed $169.2m in the US but disappointed internationally, where its biggest markets to date are Australia ($7.8m) and the UK ($6.4m). It opens next in Italy on January 20.

Internationally, two French films, Gaumont’s Intouchables and Pathé’s Nothing To Declare, made it into the international top 50 principally on their performances in France. They are both among the highest-grossing French films of all time, notching up grosses of $115m and $74m respectively in their home territory this year.

Two films proved significantly more popular with international audiences than with those in North America. Sony’s The Tourist took $22m in Japan, $21m in China, $19m in Russia, $15m in Italy, $12m in Germany, $11m in Australia and $10m in Brazil.

Summit’s The Three Musketeers 3D, produced by Germany’s Constantin Film, has also made most of its money outside the US, including $25m in Japan and $17m in Germany.