Showbox's big-budget war epic Sunny enjoyed a strong $3.8m opening weekend at home, to become the second highest opener in the international market last weekend after Twentieth Century Fox's The X-Files: I Want To Believe, which grossed $9m from 22 territories.

Hot on the heels of local blockbuster The Good, The Bad, The Weird, which has grossed $24.3m to date, Sunny is helping South Korean films claw back market share in their home market after a disappointing six-month period. Directed by Lee Jun-ik, the film follows a young woman who joins a touring band in order to find her husband in Vietnam.

In France, StudioCanal gambled and won when it released Remi Bezancon's family saga The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life on July 23 (see review, p27).

Most French films still give summer a wide berth, preferring to leave the season to the US blockbusters. However, strong word of mouth propelled the bittersweet comedy to an impressive $1.3m from 261 screens. The film, which stars Jacques Gamblin and Zabou Breitman, depicts a family through the events of five significant days over the 12 years between 1988 and 2000.

In the UK, Paramount Pictures International's teen film Angus, Thongs And Perfect Snogging, directed by Bend It Like Beckham's Gurinder Chadha, notched up an impressive $1.8m from 367 screens.

Rising young talent Georgia Groome stars in the film, which is an adaptation of Louise Rennison's popular books for teenage girls.

What was a good opening weekend for a UK film in its home territory was made even more impressive by the strength of the competition. The UK was the biggest international territory for Warner Bros' The Dark Knight last weekend, grossing $22.2m (including previews) from 1,010 screens, accounting for 57% of the total box office of the top five films in the UK that weekend.

week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1(2)The Dark Knight (US)$67,750,0007,135$128,300,00051
2(1)Hancock (US)$20,216,4237,516$295,577,12570
3(4)Mamma Mia! The Movie (US)$16,127,1452,274$110,309,99121
4(3)Kung Fu Panda (US)$15,571,1916,484$303,286,45850
5(5)Wall-E (US)$9,079,8522,516$70,227,90621
6NewThe X-Files: I Want To Believe (US)$8,954,1232,576$8,954,12322
7(9)Ponyo On The Cliff (Jap)$7,469,168481$29,924,9611
8(7)Wanted (US)$7,073,1481,914$106,372,41938
9(13)Journey To The Center Of The Earth (US)$6,903,3081,911$23,188,07114
10(6)Red Cliff (Ch)$6,794,0171,378$58,224,6748
11(8)The Good, The Bad, The Weird (S Kor)$6,669,913720$24,319,8621
12(11)Get Smart (US)$4,730,4922,362$63,426,68830
13(26)The Incredible Hulk (US)$4,418,9371,541$108,927,66939
14NewSunny (S Kor)$3,803,172518$4,187,8671
15(10)Hellboy II: The Golden Army (US)$3,443,6891,267$21,585,7329
16(12)Pokemon 2008 (Jap)$3,340,553359$17,105,8421
17(14)The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian (US)$3,329,1843,005$237,321,65437
18(32)The Happening (US)$2,810,885773$88,351,26919
19(19)Meet Dave (US)$2,562,2731,581$12,442,47725
20(15)Kismat Konnection (Ind)$2,265,318722$9,054,24517
21(17)Boys Over Flowers: Final (Jap)$2,211,191400$50,488,5561
22(47)Forbidden Kingdom (Ch-US)$2,205,951442$58,796,9885
23(16)Indiana Jones And The Kingdom ... (US)$2,131,2691,238$455,319,60334
24NewAngus, Thongs And Perfect Snogging (UK)$1,826,218367$1,826,2181
25(18)Sex And The City: The Movie (US)$1,811,5261,367$236,123,80942
26NewMission Istanbul (Ind)$1,732,847598$1,732,84715
27*Superhero Movie (US)$1,631,907434$35,471,0886
28NewMoney Hai To Honey Hai (Ind)$1,362,184643$1,362,18417
29NewThe First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life (Fr)$1,344,519261$1,344,5191
30(20)Nim's Island (US)$1,208,5791,136$36,833,5458
31(22)Jaane Tu Ya Janne Na (Ind)$968,365411$16,268,58211
32(24)The Storm Rider - Clash Of Evil (Ch)$872,450285$2,632,5001
33(36)Space Chimps (US)$764,290351$1,539,7515
34(23)Kitano And The Millennium Curse (Jap)$735,008316$7,125,4601
35(25)Nos 18 Ans (Fr)$682,550273$2,275,0112
36(21)Freche Madchen (Ger)$663,860421$3,708,2782
37(30)Bathory (Czech Rep-Hung-Slov-UK)$620,29544$3,436,7632
38(27)The Climbers High (Jap)$531,305286$8,667,2021
39(29)In Bruges (UK-US)$463,494335$18,885,2398
40(39)P.S. I Love You (US)$407,223214$91,319,1941
*Re-entry (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady