Constantine should give DreamWorks International's MeetThe Fockers a run forits money as the dominant international title this weekend when it opens widein a trio of major European markets.

The supernatural thriller and comic book adaptation was due to open day-and-date with the US throughWarner Bros Pictures International in France on Feb 16, followed by Germany onFeb 17 and Spain today (18).

Strong debuts seem assured given the star power of Keanu Reeves and a storyconcept not too dissimilar to that of Warner Bros' hit Matrix franchise.

Constantine hasgrossed $14m following a raft of Asian debuts last weekend.

Ocean's Twelve is on$218.2m, A Very Long Engagement stands at $51.3m, Alexander has grossed $32.4m and The Aviator $7.7m through Warner Bros markets.

Sony PicturesReleasing International (SPRI) opened Spanglish in Australia and Russia on Feb 17 on 209and 61 prints respectively, and rolls out the comedy in Spain a day later on203. Spanglish hastaken $1.9m from its run in Mexico so far.

Hitch goes out in itsfirst international markets of Mexico and Brazil on Feb 18 on 350 and 211respectively, where strong debuts are anticipated given Will Smith's profileand last weekend's record North American debut.

Are We There Yet'goes out in the UK on Feb 18 on 233 and has taken $1.2m from its German run todate. Latest cumulative totals put Closer on $64.5m and Kung Fu Hustle on $65.6m.

Fox International executives have big plans for Sideways this weekend with scheduled releases inthree major markets designed to capitalise on pre-Oscar expectation.

The picture has grossed $9.9m to date and was due to open in Italy on Feb 16 on164 prints, Spain on Feb 18 on 165 prints, and South Korea the same day on 50.

The comic book adaptation Elektra has taken $23.3m through all its markets to date and the thrillerHide And Seekcurrently stands at $7.8m.

Buena Vista International (BVI) opens Finding Neverland in Taiwan on Feb 19, when executiveswill be looking to boost the picture's $22.7m running total from all BVImarkets.

The Life Aquatic getsits first opening outside North America with a platform release in the UK onFeb 18.

Latest figures released by the distributor put The Incredibles on $363.1m, National Treasure on $142.5m, and The Aviator on $22.8m in BVI markets.

Miramax International's Shall We Dance goes out wide through BVI in its finalmarket in the UK on Feb 18, and should prosper bearing in mind that Maid InManhattan starringJennifer Lopez opened top there in March 2003 on $3.9m in 422 theatres.

Shall We Dance hasamassed $54.9m in BVI markets to date.

Universal opens WhiteNoise, which it has inlimited markets, in Brazil through UIP on Feb 18 on 90 prints. Ray has taken $17.8m so far.

Summit Entertainment opens the drama I Am David in Japan on Feb 19. Latest totals putthe family title Racing Stripes on $15.3m, and Alexander on $126.2m.

Meet The Fockers isexpected to hold well this weekend and stands at $123.7m, while Paramount's SpongeBobSquarePants Movie is on$35.9m. Both are released internationally through UIP.