Universal's Ray stands to benefit from its six Academy Awardsnominations earlier this week with a full-on assault through UIP in a raft ofmajor markets this weekend.

The picture opened on an Australian national holiday on Jan 26 and Russia a daylater, and follows up with debuts in Spain on Jan 28 and Japan on Jan 29. Ithas grossed $5.4m to date.

Stablemate Meet The Fockers opensin the UK and Brazil on Jan 28 and should perform strongly bearing in mind thesuccess of the 2000 original.

Fox International executives willlook to capitalise on five nominations for Sideways when it opened in Australia on Jan 26 on 55 screensand goes out in the UK on Jan 28 on 120.

, currently on $8.8m at theinternational box office, opens in Spain on Jan 28 on 350 and Taiwan a daylater on 55.

The comedy Taxi opened in Germanyon Jan 27 on 50 screens and has grossed $26.4m to date.

Flight Of The Phoenix is in theearly stages of its international trajectory and opens in Russia on Jan 27 on98.

Paramount's Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events, currently on $51.3m, opens in Germany on Jan 27, SpongeBobSquarePants goes out in Spain a daylater and is on $23.1m, while the high school comedy Mean Girls opened in France on Jan 26 and stands on $40.7m.

Fired up by two Academy Award best supporting actor nominations for Clive Owenand Natalie Portman, Closer goesout through Sony Pictures Releasing International in Australia on Jan 26,Argentina on Jan 27 and Taiwan on Jan 29. The picture has a $30.3m internationalrunning total to date.

Buena Vista International's TheIncredibles goes out in China on Jan28 and has amassed $345.9m at the international box office and $610m in globalreceipts. National Treasure hasgrossed $129.8m to date.

Warner Bros Pictures International opened A Very Long Engagement in Germany on Jan 27 and follows up with a releasein Spain a day later. The picture has grossed $40.8m to date.