Paramount Pictures International's (PPI) Iron Man went head-to-head with two new potential blockbusters in the overseas arena at the weekend and emerged relatively unscathed as the clear winner despite scorching heat across many parts of Europe.

The comic book adaptation added an estimated $32.5m from 5,557 sites in 57 PPI territories, a decent performance that elevated the international cumulative tally to $140m. Combined with non-PPI grosses in Germany, France, Austria and Spain, Iron Man stands at $165m.

Audiences rewarded the antics of Robert Downey Jr and friends with number one holds in South Korea, where the film added $4.7m from 490 for $17m, and the UK, where $4.1m from 485 raised the tally to a muscular $20.8.

It stayed top in France through SND thanks to an extra $3.3m and added $2.1m in Spain through Sony Pictures releasing International (SPRI) to rank second on $8.8m. In other number one holds through PPI the film triumphed in Australia on $3.1m from 221 for $10.6m, Mexico on $2m from 404 screens for $14.1m, Brazil on $1.7m from 254 screens for $8.5m, and Italy on $1.7m from 465 sites for $8m.

The Spiderwick Chronicles grossed $1m from 1,585 venues in 64 territories for $88.6m.

Fox International's romantic comedy What Happens In Vegas debuted on $23m from 3,902 screens in 36 markets.

Number one results ensued in Spain on $3.6m from 404 screens, Germany on $1.8m from 508, Holland on $524,998 from 93 and Austria on $473,749 from 83. Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium and Finland also generated table topping results.

What Happens In Vegas launched in Russia on $3m from 476 and France on $2.3m from 304, and opened in second place in the UK on $2.7m from 400 and Australia on $2.3m from 335. It also finished second in Italy thanks to $1.6m from 299.

Horton Hears A Who added $1.5m from approximately 2,500 screens in 28 markets and stands at $135.7m. Street Kings added $1.2m from approximately 1,500 in 42 for $27.6m, while Shutter raised its tally by $495,000 from 950 in 18 to $14.5m and 27 Dresses stands at $72.6m through Fox International and $77.8m overall.

Meet The Spartans stands at $45.5m, The Darjeeling Limited has reached $20.75 to become the highest grossing Wes Anderson film overseas, Lions For Lambs has amassed $47.6m and Juno stands at $83.5m

Warner Bros Pictures International's (WBPI) Speed Racer disappointed, just as the domestic launch fell below expectations. The Wachowski Brothers' family film grossed $12.8m from 3,940 sites in 30 markets.

Performance was generally superior in Asia and Latin America as Europe succumbed to the heat wave. Speed Racer opened top in South Korea on $2.4m from 229 prints, second in Mexico on $1.9m from 702 prints, and second in Brazil on $1.5m from 545 prints nationwide.

Elsewhere the action title grossed $930,000 in Spain, $789,000 in the UK, $589,000 in Thailand, $516,000 in Argentina, $494,000 in Venezuela, $480,000 in Italy, $292,000 in Singapore, $287,000 from Indonesia and $284,000 in Peru.

Upcoming launches include Russia on May 29, Australia on Jun 12, France on June 18 and Japan on July 5.

The Bucket List grossed $2.2m from 684 screens in 32 markets for $68.9m, buoyed by an excellent $1.95 launch in Japan from 233 screens nationwide. Fool's Gold added $1.5m from 1,282 screens in 43 for $35.5m and stands at $2.5m after three weekends in Spain. 10,000 BC added $685,000 from 900 in 38 markets for $171.7m and the prehistoric saga has taken $7.9m in Japan.

Universal's comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall grossed $1.7m through UPI from 944 sites in nine territories for $19.8m. It ranks third in its third weekend in the UK on $1.1m from 382 for $11.2m and ranks fourth in its fourth weekend in Australia on $335,000 from 195 for $5.6m.

Nim's Island raised its tally by $900,000 from 573 venues in UPI's three territories for $9.4m. UPI acquired rights in 16 territories and the next release will be Germany on June 19.

Romantic comedy Definitely, Maybe stands at $20.2m and dance drama Step Up 2 The Streets has grossed $38m from UPI's five territories. Overall it has amassed more than $85m through all distributors.

SPRI's romantic comedy Made Of Honor added $3.5m from 1,320 screens in 19 markets for $21.7m. In second weekend results, the film added $890,000 from 255 in Australia and ranks third on $2.9m, $930,000 from 345 in Mexico to rank third on $3.2m and $615,000 from 347 in the UK to rank seventh on $2.9m.

The card counting drama 21 added $2.3m from 1,350 screens in 39 markets on $41.3m and opened in South Africa on $35,000 from 20 screens.

As mentioned earlier, SPRI is releasing Iron Man in Spain, where the film added $2.1m from 55 screens to rank second on an $8.8m running total.