Iron Sky director Timo Vuorensola is also working on I Killed Adolf Hitler and TV series Deus X.

The team behind Iron Sky is now readying a special extended version of the film to be released in Scandinavia on DVD. The new cut will include about 25 extra minutes. “We have a lot of fans that are waiting to see it. There is a fan base everywhere, it’s not just in Europe, it’s global,” said Blind Spot Pictures producer Tero Kaukomaa. He said that the extended version could be released outside of Scandinavia as well; distributors are in discussions now.

Kaukomaa also spoke to Screen last week during Helsinki’s new Finnish Film Affair, about the planned Iron Sky sequel and prequel. According to Finnish Film Foundation notes, Iron Sky 2 will venture deeper into the conspiracy theory of Hitler’s secret weapons and the Nazi UFOs, with Mars also involved this time. Kaukomaa said the two follow-up films are in “early stages.” He added: “We think it’s worthwhile to do a sequel and a prequel. The dialogue with the fan base is not ending when the film is out. There is enough interest to do more.”

Iron Sky director Timo Vuorensola is also at the finance stage for a for-now-secretive US project, that will again team him with Troll, the Finnish VFX house that launched with Iron Sky’s 1000-plus effects shots. Troll is also now eyeing international expansion.

Vuorensola and Kaukomaa are also developing I Killed Adolf Hitler, the Finnish-German-UK production Screen first reported about during Cannes. The story is about an assassin couple in the late 1970s who are sent to the 1920s with a time machine to kill Adolf Hitler. But things go wrong and Hitler escapes with the time machine.

He is also working on TV series Deus X, set in the year 2245, when a huge religious conflict suddenly throws the whole world into the brink of destruction, over the control of a planet that is believed to be heaven.

Meanwhile the exhibit Making Of Iron Sky is being staged at the Helsinki Art Museum until Jan 20, 2013 (info here).

Also, the Iron Sky game Iron Sky: Invasion will be launched by German company Topware Interactive in November.