Isidore Mankofsky will receive the American Society Of Cinematographers Presidents Award at the 23rd Annual American Society Of Cinematographers Outstanding Achievement Awards on February 15 2009 in Los Angeles.

Mankofsky began his career making documentaries and shooting newsfilm at a television station in Reno, Nevada. He made more than 100 educational films at Encyclopedia Britannica Educational Films before segueing into narrative film-making. His cinematography credits include The Muppet Movie, Somewhere In Time, The Jazz Singer and The Burning Bed.

'I came up on a different path than many, and the result is that I've always done things my own way,' Mankofsky said. 'Membership in the ASC was always one of my career goals, so this honour means a lot to me.'

Presidents Award recipients include Robert Duvall, FX pioneer Linwood Dunn, Steadicam inventor Garrett Brown and cinematographers Guy Green, Ralph Woolsey and Woody Omens, among others.