Gianandrea Mutti, a ten-year employee of the marketing department for Italian distributor BIM has died while recovering from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.

Bim's founder and President Valerio De Paolis told Screen Daily in an emotional conversation, 'I felt an affection for him that went beyond work.'

The forty-one year old Bologna native's untimely passing has stunned the local industry, particularly as he was expected to pull through from the injuries caused by the accident, which took place one month ago.

De Paolis said that there were no clear details about how the accident took place, as Mutti had not been able to speak during his recovery period and Italian police have not yet provided details. However, De Paolis said that his death was actually due to a virus that he got while he recuperating in hospital.

A ten-year employee of BIM, which celebrates 25 years as one of Italy's more prestigious distributorships, Mutti was a creative force behind trailers and posters - of their many films. De Paolis credits the exceptional talent with which Mutti handled Into the Wild, which Bim brought to the last edition of the Rome's Film Festival, and which De Paolis said Mutti had particularly loved.

'When I met him I knew he had an enormous passion for cinema this led him to do things very well,' De Paolis explained.