Tonino Delli Colli willreceive the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) InternationalAchievement Award, presented annually to an individual whose body of work hasmade "an enduring impact on the global art form".

The award will be presentedto Delli Colli during the 19th Annual ASC Outstanding Achievement Awards on Feb20, 2005 in Los Angeles.

Delli Colli was at thevanguard of a new generation of cinematographers who pioneered neo-realistcinema after the second world war, earning more than 130 credits between 1944and 1997.

He has won Italy's David diDonatello Award four times and the Italian National Syndicate Of FilmJournalists' Silver Ribbon six times. His credits include Tales Of OrdinaryMadness, The Name Of The Rose, Gospel According To St Matthew, Once Upon A TimeIn America, The Good, The Bad And The Ugly and Life Is Beautiful.

"Tonino Delli Colli is oneof our great artists and it's high time he was singled out forrecognition," ASC president Richard Crudo said in a statement.

"Throughout his career hehas been incredibly courageous and imaginative in exploring new possibilitiesfor cinematographers. He is an inspiration to all of us, all over the world."

"The great actorMarcello Mastroianni always said that he was lucky because he had the best jobin the world," Delli Colli added. "I share that feeling with him.

"I've met greatprofessionals who have allowed me to express myself as best I can throughimages. If anyone asks me about my films, and how I created them technically, Ialways tell them to watch them again because everything is right there. Themagic of film can't be put into words."