Susan Jackson, who alongwith Mark Borde and Mike Doban owns Los Angeles-based US theatricaldistribution and marketing outfit Freestyle Releasing, has launched DVD labelFreestyle Home Entertainment.

With an output anddistribution deal through Visual Entertainment, Freestyle Home Entertainmentplans to release a varied slate of 20 titles in 2006, kicking off on Nov 1 withthe teen slasher picture The Rockville Slayer, about two detectives investigating the murder oftwo high school couples.

"Based on my background infilm, television and video, creating a DVD company seemed the natural nextstep," Jackson said. "With the wealth of impressive product I am fortunate tohave access to and the talented filmmakers who are looking for more creativeways to get their films out, it gives me great pleasure to partner with VisualEntertainment and provide this vehicle for them."

"We're excited to have Susanand Freestyle as one of our key studio partners and are committed to furtherdeveloping their brand in the marketplace," Tom O'Malley, general manager ofVisual Entertainment, added. Visual Entertainment is a division of UniversalMusic & Video Distribution.

Jackson served as executiveproducer on Cabin Fever as wellas Lions Gate's upcoming horror title Borderland and Sony's comedy Death To The Supermodels.

She will continue torepresent producers through her sales agency Turtles Crossing.

Prior to launching TurtlesCrossing in 1999, Jackson ran BMG Independents for Bertelsmann BMG. Shehas also held the positions of senior vice president of marketing for GoodtimesHome Entertainment and director of marketing for BBC in New York.