Avex Group film subsidiary Avex Entertainment and mobile communications giant NTT Docomo have partnered to establish a company to create mobile contents.

Under the name Avex Broadcasting & Communications Inc, the company will incorporate next February and begin operations in March. Avex will contribute 70% and Docomo 30% of start-up capital totaling $33m (Y3.5bn), with an additional $33m of capital reserve.

Mobile market leader Docomo brings its vast cellular network and cutting edge phones to the deal while Avex provides contents production and talent management experience.

Avex Communications will partner with producers Fuji TV, Robot, How Full's, East and Takashige Ichise's Oz to create subscription contents, especially written, directed and formatted for mobile screens.

The service will launch under the name Bee TV and has been dubbed a 'Personal Entertainment Collector'. The company aims to sign up 780,000 subscribers in the first two years of operation.

As previously reported Avex co-production Red Cliff will open the Tokyo International Film Festival on Oct 18.