Japanese producer-distributor Movie-Eye Entertainment unveiled its production and distribution slate at a press conference in Tokyo yesterday, which includes a sequel to Nightmare Detective, to be again directed by Shinya Tsukamoto.

Tsukamoto and star Ryuhei Matsuda were on hand to answer questions about the second instalment in the series, which goes into production next month for a 2008 release.

With an increase in budget from the first film, which was released on Jan 13, the sequel will centre around a female high school student who is helped by the mysterious manteau-wearing sleuth who can enter people's dreams. A third instalment is also in the works.

The seven-year-old Movie-Eye, headed by former Gaga exec Kaz Tadashiki, has recently stepped up both production and distribution and announced six in-house projects in development and 20 foreign acquisitions.

In-house productions also include Tea Fight, co-produced with Picnic and starring Teruyuki Kagawa (Sway) and Erika Toda (Death Note). The story revolves around breaking a 'tea curse' in an action-comedy set in Kyoto and Taiwan and featuring CG effects. Director is Edward Yang's protege Wang Yemin.

Jun Kissa Isobe (Isobe Cafe), the second feature from Yubari prize winner Keisuke Yoshida, is a family comedy about a single dad who opens a coffee shop and falls in love with the waitress he hires.

Nonchan No Noriben is a live-action adaptation of a famous manga about a housewife with no job experience who returns to her hometown and opens a lunch-making business.

Based on a best-selling novel, comedy Yubiwa Wo Hametai focusses on a 29-year-old man who can't remember who he proposed to after he takes a nasty fall. Female helmer Yuki Iwada is set to direct.

Current production The Longest Night In Shanghai, starring Masahiro Motoki and Vicki Zhao Wei, is set for a September release.

Japan Digital Contents Trust Inc (JDC) announced Movie-Eye as one of three distribution partners in its 'Cinema Trust: Acquisition Fund' in early April, resulting in the increase in foreign film buys.

Foreign titles slated for a summer release include three July 7 releases - Crank (retitled Adrenaline), starring Jason Statham, Going To Pieces and Farce Of The Penguins. Andrew Lau's The Flock opens on August 4.

Fall titles include La Vie En Rose, Little Children and Michael Bay 's remake of The Hitcher.

Movie-Eye closed its Beijing office at the beginning of June, with the Tokyo headquarters taking over sales, acquisition and co-production duties.