Japanese production company Sedic International has launched a sales division at TIFFCOM, with films including Junji Sakamoto’s Zatoichi The Last and 3D erotic film The Perfect Education, Love In Akihabara.

“Before, we used to give our films to Shochiku and other companies for international sales, and we focused on DVD. But DVD has gone down, so now we are putting more focus on international,” explained Mina Matsuhashi, head of sales at Sedic. “TIFFCOM is right in our own city, so it was convenient for us to launch sales here.”

The company previously announced production of Junji Sakamoto’s Zatoichi The Last in March with Toho Studios. The film stars Shingo Katori of pop group SMAP in the lead role of the legendary swordsman portrayed by numerous others over the years, including Takeshi Kitano in 2003.

The film is currently in post-production and due for a May 2010 release in Japan. French Sales agent Celluloid Dreams also invested in it, but Sedic holds worldwide sales rights.

Directed by Battle Royale producer/director Kenta Fukasaka, Perfect Education, Love In Akihabara depicts a “warped pure love” story involving a man who kidnaps a girl from a dress-up maid theme café.

“It’s possibly the first 3D erotic film in Japan. It will be R-rated, but not hardcore [porn],” explained Matsuhashi.

Shot in HD-CAM, material without 3D will also be available. The film is in post-production, due for local release in February.

Sedic International CEO Toshiaki Nakazawa previously produced Oscar-winning Japanese film Departures.

Although Sedic will skip the upcoming American Film Market, the company will be doing sales at the European Film Market in February.