The live table read of Alan Ball’s celebrated screenplay will take place at the Ryerson Theatre on Sept 6.

“This is one surprise we couldn’t wait to share with Toronto,” Toronto International Film festival director and CEO Piers Handling said. “Jason Reitman is like family to us and the Ryerson Theatre is his festival home.”

The actors will convene without rehearsal and Reitman will narrate the stage directions. Reitman will announce the cast via Twitter in the days leading up to the event.

“We’re excited to offer festival audiences the opportunity to watch the creative process unfold in front of their eyes,” TIFF artistic director Cameron Bailey said. “With actors of this calibre being guided by Jason Reitman through Alan Ball’s Oscar-winning screenplay, this will be a unique experience to remember.”

Reitman created the Live Read programme in October 2011 in collaboration with Elvis Mitchell for the film society of Los Angeles County Museum Of Arts. The six-month series featured The Breakfast Club, The Apartment, The Princess Bride, Shampoo, The Big Lebowski and Reservoir Dogs.