In a move that had been expected since the management buyout in May, the former chairman and CEO of ICM said on Friday (26) that he was leaving the company.

“Jeff played an integral role in the formation of ICM and its continuation for more than 35 years,” said the partnership in a statement. “We appreciate his contributions and wish him well. The goal of ICM Partners is to provide our clients with the best representation in the industry, while continuing our culture of collegiality and teamwork.”

“I’ve been considering a different path in the agency business and will be announcing my plans very shortly,” said Berg. “I’ve spent my career as an owner-operator and this is the right time for me to repeat that practice. This has been a long and successful association. I am proud of what we have achieved and the opportunities that the agency can embrace.”

In May, Rizvi Traverse and Berg sold their ownership interest in ICM to the partnership. Since then neither has participated in the management of the agency or served on the board.

Berg joined Creative Management Associates (CMA), the predecessor to ICM, in 1969 as a film and literary agent. ICM was founded in 1975 from a merger of CMA and International Famous Agency. Berg was named president of ICM in 1980 and became chairman and CEO in 1985, a title he held until May 2012.