Producer and comic book author Jeff Katz has signed a four-picture deal with Titmouse Animation.

The four original animated feature films will be produced by Katz’s own company American Original and executive produced by Titmouse president/co-founder Chris Prynoski.

The first feature under the deal will be Special Dead, based on Jared Tweedie & Thomas Phillips’ 2006 horror comedy short. The story is about a dude ranch for mentally and physically handicapped campers, who team with their counselors to fight zombies. Katz discovered the short when he worked at New Line.

Katz said: “I’m a longtime fan of alternative animation and am honored to be working with Titmouse, who are really in a class by themselves in this field. I greatly look forward to working with Chris Prynoski, Keith Fay and company to make some eclectic, commercial and - most of all - original material. We share the same creativewavelength and desire to try new things, so I’m beyond thrilled to get into some trouble with these guys.”

Titmouse’s Prynoski added: “we are super psyched to join forces with Jeff Katz on these upcoming four features. Knowing his track record at New Line and Fox and making some of the biggest bad-ass films the past few years, we know we are in good hands working with Jeff and everyone at American Original.”

Katz launched American Original this spring to work across multiple platforms. Katz has previously worked on films including Freddy Vs. Jason and Snakes On A Plane.

Titmouse’s credits include Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse and GI Joe: Resolute.