Dani Levy's Jewish comedy Go For Zucker! (Alles AufZucker) was the big winner at this year'sGerman Film Awards in Berlin's Philharmonie, held on Friday night (July 8) infront of 2,200 guests.

The filmpicked up six Golden Lolas for Best Film, BestDirection, Best Lead Actor (Henry Huebchen), Best Costume Design (Lucie Bates),Best Score (Niki Reiser), and Best Screenplay (Holger Franke and Dani Levy).

This was one more Lola than the tally for last year's topfilm Head-On by Fatih Akin and sawproducer X-Filme creative pool ending the evening with a total of seven Lolasincluding Katja Riemann's award for her supporting role in Oskar Roehler's AgnesAnd His Brothers. Two years ago, the Berlinproduction house also triumphed after Wolfgang Becker's box-office hit GoodBye, Lenin! picked up nine statuettes.

Silver Lolas for Best Film went to Hans Weingartner's TheEdukators and Marc Rothemund's SophieScholl - The Final Days, while Golden Lolaswere won by Thomas Grube and Enrique Sanchez Lansch's Rhythm Is It! for Best Documentary and by Piet De Rycker and ThiloGraf Rothkirch's Laura's Star forBest Children's & Youth Film.

In addition, Golden Lolasfor outstanding individual artistic achievements were handed out in thefollowing categories:

Best Lead Actress - Julia Jentsch (Sophie Scholl - TheFinal Days)
Best Supporting Actress - Katja Riemann (Agnes And His Brothers)
Best Supporting Actor - Burghart Klaussner (The Edukators)
Best Cinematography - Hans-Guenther Buecking (Snowland)
Best Editing - Dirk Grau, Martin Hoffmann (Rhythm Is It!)
Best Production Design - Ari Hantke (The Ninth Day)
Best Sound Design - Gregor Kuschel, Hubertus Rath, Thomas Riedelsheimer,Christoph von Schoenburg, Marc von Stuerler (Touch The Sound)

The German Film Academy's founding fathers Bernd Eichinger,Uli Felsberg and Helmut Dietl presented the Academy's first Honorary Award tofilmmaker Reinhard Hauff who recently retired as the director of the GermanFilm & Television Academy (dffb) in Berlin. The Audience Award was won byMarc Rothemund's Sophie Scholl - The Final Days.

This year marked the firsttime that the 650-strong membership of the German Film Academy voted for thewinners of the German Film Awards with prize-money of over Euros 2.8m providedby the State Minister for Culture and Media Christina Weiss.