The former WME board member announced the hybrid entertainment, media business development and consultancy on Tuesday (6) and said the Star Trek director, a longtime client, was on board as its principal investor.

The entity will create a diverse roster for multiple worldwide platforms that according to a press release will include short-form programming, interactive gaming and cable and network channels targeted at Brazil, Peru and Colombia.

Thus far there are alliances with Telefonica, Hasbro, RTL Group and Intel and it is understood FactoryMade Ventures is in development on content with Abrams, Michael Bay, Robert Rodriguez, Thom Beers and Whoopi Goldberg.

“We recognise the characteristics of the constantly changing media landscape that continue to shift our view of entertainment,” CEO Fogelman said. “We welcome the industry’s most imaginative and inventive minds to strategize new ventures with us and build them into fully fledged media businesses.”

“I’ve been lucky enough to work with the same representatives since I began in this business.” Abrams added. “John Fogelman joined our team in 2006, and I was immediately struck by his ability to identify creative opportunities and his determination and skill to actually realise them.

“I felt strongly about continuing to work with John, and this was a chance to support his latest ambitious enterprise, just as he has supported me over the years.” 

Abrams’ producing partner Bryan Burk will play an active role in the new company, which is located adjacent to Bad Robot’s headquarters in Santa Monica. David Lonner of Oasis Media Group will continue as Abrams’ manager.

WME’s former strategic planning and business development unit will join FactoryMade Ventures. Cristina Patwa becomes president of FactoryMade and will be joined by former WME colleagues Aden Ikram as head of business development, Dawn Holliday-Mack and Douglas Gardner. Separately, Troy Zien will aid Fogelman in personal producing efforts in film and television.