Universal'sspoof spy thriller Johnny English was the top international film for the third week in a row,grossing $13.3m from 3,167 theatres in 27 countries over the weekend.

After 18 days inrelease the film has amassed a staggering $77.1m international running total.

In two openings,Johnny Englishfinished third in Taiwan on $132,000 from 60 sites, roughly 30% belowdistributor UIP's estimates as fear of SARS hit theatre-going.

Figures for theopening in Greece were unavailable because of a public holiday and will beannounced tomorrow.

The filmremained number one in the UK, adding $3.6m from 447 sites and dropping a mere10% for a $21.8m total after three weekends.

The film istracking 40% ahead of Bean, star Rowan Atkinson's previous headlining film that cameout in 1997.

JohnnyEnglish also stayed atthe top for the third successive week in Germany, adding $2.8m from 806theatres and slipping 23% for $14.7m.

Other number one finishes were in Belgium, where it heldon to top spot in its third week on $394,000 from 58 sites for $1.9m; Austria,which produced $297,000 from 107 venues for a three-week total of $2.3m; andNew Zealand, which yielded $176,000 from 45 sites for $809,000 in its thirdweek.

The filmfinished fourth in its second week in Mexico, adding $364,000 from 157 sitesand dropping 19% for a 10-day total of $1.5m.

The Life OfDavid Gale opened top ofthe table in France on a respectable $895,000 from 334 theatres and raised itsinternational to $10.1m.

Ned Kelly added $223,000 from 184 sites in itsfifth week in Australia for a $4.7m running total, while 8 Mile raised its French total to $12.7m andhas amassed $109.4 at the international box office.

Finally ThePianist took $129,000from 51 sites in its eighth week in Australia for a $2m total. In New Zealandit raised the running total to $455,000.