The Taipei-based sales agent picks up title touted as Taiwan’s first 3D animation.

Taipei-based sales agent Joint Entertainment has picked up Memory Loss, a 3D animation that is thought to be Taiwan’s first. It announced the deal at the Toyko International Film Festival today (October 27).

The animation, which features a sassy little girl, walking one-eyed trees and fanciful imaginary animals, has been created by Cold Leng and Gloria Kao. The married couple have a successful background in doing CGI, mostly for commercials.

It is produced by F. Rhythm 3D Animation Company with Kao producing. The script is by Kao, Leng and Steve Russell.

The film follows the little girl who, wishing to help her mother get over the loss of her father, sets out on an adventure with a “memory eraser” and journeys into the land of human subconscious, meeting a monster friend and battling against an evil memory-eater to get home.

“They have just completed the movie and are now converting it to 35mm,” says James Liu of Joint Entertainment. “It’s great because it has a little girl fighting all sorts of challenges and also finding out that some of the antagonists in the story turn out to be not so bad after all.”

Joint Entertainment is also selling award-winning film-maker Yang Li-Chou’s documentaries Young At Heart: Grandma Cheerleaders (pictured) and The Long Goodbye, both about the people dealing with old age; and children movies Life Is Wonderful and Are You Winking At Me?