Principal photography beginstoday (June 13), on the Spanish island of Mallorca, on Francesca Joseph's new feature Four Last Songs .

Written and directed byFrancesca Joseph (Tomorrow la Scala!), Four Last Songs isproduced by Christopher Collins, Ruth Caleb and Mate Cantero, with David M.Thompson, Duncan Reid and Paula Jalfon as executive producers.

Four Last Songs is a BBC Films and Ingenious Film Partnerspresentation of a Home Movies/Mate co-production in association with BBC Films.International sales are handled by Capitol Films.

The cast for the comic drama-billed as "a heady blend of music, self-delusion, love, lust and angst amidthe olive groves" - including Stanley Tucci (Big Night), Rhys Ifans (NottingHill), Hugh Bonneville (Iris), Jena Malone (Donnie Darko),Jessica Stevenson (Shaun of the Dead and Tomorrow la Scala!), KarlJohnson (Love is the Devil), Virgile Bramly (Manderlay),Maria Esteve (Dias de futbol), Marisa Paredes (All About My Mother)and Emmanuelle Seigner (Bitter Moon).

Tucci plays Larry, achronically unfulfilled American residing on an idyllic Mediterranean island.He sets out to stage a gala concert as a tribute to a late composer who livedin the same village.

His grand plans, however,are challenged by the active interference of each and every inhabitant of thevillage.