Ira Deutchman and Barry Rebo’s head of distribution has set up his new production and distribution services venture with film-makers Asger Hussain, Kief Davidson and Yaron Schwartzman.

Green recently served as executive producer on Ramona Diaz’s Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey [pictured], which will open in March through Cinedigm. He also produced hip-hop documentary I Want My Name Back, set to open this summer.

Fellow Game 7 Films partner Davidson directed documentaries The Devil’s Miner and Kassim The Dream and his documentary short Open Heartearned an Oscar nomination last week.

Hussain spent eight years working with Lee Daniels and served as associate producer on Precious and co-producer on The Paperboy.

Hussain and Schwartzman will produce Five Fingers For Marseilles, an African Western set to commence production in spring. Green and Davidson are on board as executive producers.

Green said: “I’m very proud of my decade-plus at Emerging Pictures and what we accomplished. I’m thrilled to join longtime friends, colleagues, and talented producers Asger, Kief and Yaron, who share the same vision of storytelling and helping compelling films find audiences.”