Bestselling children's author Judy Bloom, film-maker LawrenceBlume and producer Jane Startz have signed a multi-picture deal with WaltDisney Studios.

The Blumes' Tashmoo Productions and Jane Startz Productions willadapt several books beginning with Deenie, which centres on a young woman'sstruggles to defy her parents' expectations and follow her dreams.

Buena Vista Motion Picture Group's (BVMPG) senior vice presidentof production and development Karen Glass brought in and will oversee theproject for the studio, which Startz and the Blumes will produce with JaneStartz Productions vice president Gillian MacKenzie serving as co-producer.

"The name Judy Blume is synonymous with great young adultliterature," BVMPG's president Nina Jacobson said in a statement. "Everyonediscovers her books in fifth grade and grows up with her; she strikes a chordwith humour and heart while never preaching."

"I'mgrateful for Karen Glass' steadfast enthusiasm for this project," Blume added."We've all waited a long time for this moment and are excited by thepossibilities."

Blume's novels have sold more than 75 million copies worldwide andinclude the Fudge Hatcher series.

Startz'scredits include Tuck Everlasting, Ella Enchanted and The Indian In The Cupboard.