UPDATED AUG 26: Universal Pictures International’s Jurassic Park 3D grossed a confirmed $28.9m from 3,373 theatres in 11 territories, fuelled by a $28m launch in China. Despicable Me 2 crossed $800m worldwide.

The adventure reboot stands at $43.4m internationally and $89.9m worldwide. It opened in China on $28m from 3,000 sites over six days. Of this, approximately $3.4m came from IMAX screens.

The film also opened in the UK, Mexico and Spain among a handful of other territories.

Universal and Illumination Entertainment’s Despicable Me 2 crossed $800m globally on Saturday (24) as the family film reached $805.8m.

It is the second biggest US and worldwide release of the year behind Iron Man 3 and the number three international release behind Iron Man 3 and Fast & Furious 6 with debuts to come in South Korea, Japan and Italy.

Despicable Me 2 ranks as the biggest animated release of 2013 so far and the seventh biggest animation of all time worldwide. The film also bears the distinction of being the most profitable film in Universal’s 101-year history and the studio’s second biggest release worldwide behind Jurassic Park on $921.6m.

Turning to weekend business, Despicable Me 2 grossed a confirmed $10.9m from 4,469 theatres in 50 territories over the weekend to reach $455.1m. Russia led the way with a $5.8m number one hold from 957 that boosted the running total after two weekends to $22.8m.

The UK generated $900,000 from 442 for $66.8m after nine weekends.

Kick-Ass 2 added $7.1m from 2,839 in 34 for an early $15.9m. The action sequel opened in 17 territories led by France on $2.4m in second place from 4251 roughly 11% bigger than the Kick-Ass debut.

It opened in Australia in fifth place on $990,000 from 198, Taiwan in second place on $551,000 from 67 for a 20% gain on its predecessor and $160,000 in Belgium from 35 for a 67% climb.

R.I.P.D. grossed $1.9m from 1,061 venues in 26 territories for $28.9m. Red 2, which Universal is releasing for Lionsgate in Italy, opened on Wednesday at number four on $1.5m from 369. Fast & Furious 6 has reached $548.4m internationally and $786.9m worldwide. The action film ranks as the third biggest film of the year-to-date worldwide. The World’s End stands at $15.9m.

  • UPDATED: Last weekend’s international box office champion Elysium earned a confirmed $19.1m from 4,731 screens in 47 markets according to Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) estimates as the running total climbed to $69.4m.

The sci-fi action arrived at number one in the UK on $3.3m from 463 screens and opened in third place in Greece on $204,883 from 68.

Elysium arrived in second place in Indonesia on a formidable $1.2m from 187 and opened top in Malaysia on $1m from 182 for a Matt Damon career-best. It also debuted at number one in Vietnam on $160,398 from 45.

France led the holdovers on a number one $2.6m haul for $7.9m, followed by Germany on $1.9m for $6.3m, Australia on a number one $1.9m for $6.3m and Holland on $439,574 for $1.5m.

Spain generated $1.5m from 425 for $6.6m after two weekends. Belgium produced $348,094 for $1.1m, Sweden a number one $255,677 for $2m and Austria $219,498 for $886,270.

SPRI executives said Elysium also ranks top in New Zealand where it has reached $837,415 after two weekends.

The Smurfs 2 added $12.9m from 7,035 from 66 markets for $173.1m. Germany is the lead market on $15.9m after four weekends followed by the UK on $15.3m after the same amount of time. Also after four, Spain has generated $10.8m.

Grown Ups 2 brought in a further $7.5m from 3,003 in 44 for $57.7m and added $2.3m in Mexico from 970 for $7.2m after two weekends. White House Down stands at $62.4m and $5.9m in Japan after two weekends.

  • Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International’s Pixar release Monsters University grossed $19.6m to stand at $424.8m. The film arrived in China and Italy however executives did not officially report the numbers so the opening weekend grosses remain unavailable. Planes added $5.9m for an early $17.8m, while The Lone Ranger has reached $142.2m followed a $5.9m session.
  • UPDATED: Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters earned another $18.9m through Fox International from 7,595 screens in 44 for a $62.9m running total.

Russia delivered the top result on a number two $4.9m debut from 1,920. In the holdover markets, Percy held on to number one in France on $2.5m from 584 screens for $7.5m and did the same in Brazil on $2.1m from 606 for $7m. 

The Wolverine grossed $4.9m from 3,774 from 72 markets for $226.8m and has become the highest grossing of the X-Men franchise surpassing the previous leader X-Men: The Last Stand on $225m. There are still three markets to release including Japan on Sept 13.

DreamWorks Animation’s Turbo earned $4.8m from 1,425 in 23 for $71.5m and opened in Italy at number two on $3.4m from 710 including previews. The Heat stands at $53.8m and Epic $147.9m. 

  • UPDATED: Warner Bros Pictures International reported that horror release The Conjuring grossed a confirmed $18.1m from 4,940 screens in 37 markets to reach a promising $88.6m. The result was powered by the biggest launch for a horror film in Mexico on $4.7m from 1,658 including previews. France generated a number two $2.4m debut from 241 and Italy delivered a number two $1.9m launch from 292.

We’re The Millers added $8.5m from 2,095 in 19 for $23.1m.

Pacific Rim stands at the cusp of $300m following a $5.6m haul from 3,610 in 46 that boosted the running total to $298m. China has generated $106.2m and Pacific Rim now ranks as the fifth biggest Hollywood release in history. Japan has produced $11.9m after three.

  • UPDATED: Lionsgate International licensees generated a confirmed $14.2m for Now You See Me from 3,200 screens in 79 markets as the mystery continued its superb run to reach $176.8m. The film opened in South Korea on a magnificent $5.8m from 668.

Red 2 grossed $3m over the weekend from 2,900 screens in 69 markets and stands at $55.5m. The action release opened in Italy on $1.4m over five days.

  • Paramount Pictures International’s World War Z grossed $3.1m from 1,680 locations in 41 markets in its 10th weekend of international release to stand at $327.2m.

The zombie action thriller opened well in its final market of Venezuela on $880,000 from 70 and added $1.2m in Japan from 342 for $16.2m after two weekends. Spain produced $580,000 from 400 for $14.1m after four weekends.

Pain And Gain added $4m for $14.9m and opened in Germany at number one on $2.8m from 430. Australia has generated $3.1m after three weekends.

Star Trek Into Darkness boldly went into Japan and scored a $4.3m debut from 319 theatres. Overall the sci-fi added $4.5m from 489 in eight territories to reach $231.3m.

  • The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones grossed $7.8m through Mister Smith licensees and output deals.
  • Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa has crossed $8m in the UK following a $638,000 weekend for $8.1m.