Longtime Luc Besson collaborator Robert Mark Kamen will write the screenplay for Hong Kong-based Imagi Studios' upcoming CG-animated film Gatchaman.

Kamen, whose credits include Leon, The Fifth Element, The Karate Kid, and the upcoming Taken starring Liam Neeson, will work closely with producer Lynne Southerland and director Kevin Munroe.

Gatchaman is based on Tatsuo Yoshida's Japanese anime franchise about a team of five ninja superheroes who must save the world from aliens. The project is scheduled for completion in late 2008

'Imagi is breaking exciting new ground in the animation industry by making big action movies in pure computer graphics,' Kamen said. 'It is a privilege to be working with such an innovative team of artists.'

'We are thrilled to have Robert on the Gatchaman team,' Southerland said. 'His commitment to creating strong characters, as well as his vast experience in the action genre, make him a perfect fit for this groundbreaking animated movie.'

Imagi Studios' produced the superhero turtle tale TMNT, which Monroe directed, and the studio iscurrently making Astro Boy directed by Colin Brady.