Ryan Kampe and Sylvain Tron's New York-based sales company Visit Films has closed key territories on its EFM slate, led by the noir mystery The Missing Person starring Michael Shannon and David Russo's comedy The Immaculate Conception Of Little Dizzle.

Rights to The Missing Person sold to Australia (Palace Films), Turkey (Emran Film) and Middle East (Front Row), with discussions ongoing for the UK.

The Immaculate Conception Of Little Dizzle, which like The Missing Person premiered at Sundance, sold to Australia (Beyond Entertainment) and the Middle East (Front Row).

Helen sold to France (KMBO) and the Middle East (Front Row), Humboldt County sold to Brazil (Telecine), Latin America (LAPTV) and Eastern Europe (HBO), and Zero Bridge closed in Israel (Yes/DBS) and the Middle East (Front Row).

Visit has finalised a deal for Front Row to take a number of other titles including The Higher Force, Holly, Momma's Man, and The Pleasure Of Being Robbed.