A recap of the special fashions, culinary delights and canine guests of KVIFF.


A few of my favourite non-film sights from Karlovy Vary 2011:

  • Unexpected guests in screenings: there was a woman breastfeeding her infant during a press and industry screening of a rather intense psychosexual thriller, and also a large dog in attendance for the Works In Progress presentations.
  • The poor-woman’s-Cheryl-Cole-esque fashions on display at the Grandhotel Pupp (always priceless). Mike Goodridge and I spotted a young woman at the Thermal wearing some sort of over-clothes bra made out of acid-washed denim. I wish I had taken a photo. For 2012 KV, I plan a Glamour magazine style do’s and don’t’s column.
  • Denis Villeneuve taking a sniff of my Becherovka and deciding on a vodka instead (smart man). Yes, that is a shameless namedrop as a way of thanking Telefilm Canada inviting Team Screen to a fabulous Canadian dinner.
  • The abstract tattoo covering the arm of international press officer Viktor Palak.
  • The eyeball toys being handed out by the team behind mockumentary Sunflower Hour (silly but fun, and a great way to drum up business for their sold-out screenings).
  • Jude Law mocking his own posh image in the latest festival short film/trailer.
  • Meat products wrapped in other meat products (I pity the vegetarians visiting KVIFF).
  • Weird Woody Allen-meets-the-Pink Panther mascot for festival sponsor energy company Skupina CEZ [pictured].