Denise Kasell is leaving her post as executive director of the Hamptons International Film Festival after nine years at the event.

Board chairman Stuart Match Suna and the Hamptons board are searching for a replacement. Artistic director Rajendra Roy remains in place.

'Denise's tenure has been a boon to the Hamptons Film Festival,' Suna said. 'Through her efforts, the festival has enhanced its standing in the international film community and has earned a solid footing as one of this country's foremost film events. The board, staff and I wish her well in all her future endeavours.'

'In the early years I found the work at the festival very challenging and over the last several years very rewarding,' Kasell said. 'Of special note has been the inception of two new working boards, an honorary board spearheaded by Alec Baldwin, and an advisory board led by longtime Hampton resident and independent producer Jeff Sharp. These, along with our board of directors, chaired by Stuart Match Suna, have played major roles in the growth of the festival.

'I may have made my best and farthest reaching decision five years ago when I brought on board a young talented curator, Rajendra Roy, who has brought his impeccable taste and vision to the programming of the festival. Ours has been both a pleasurable and very successful collaboration. I feel blessed to have been at the helm of such a prominent organisation, and I'm honoured to have worked so closely with all the many players in meeting our goals.'